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America ’s Institute of Traditional Medicine 美國傳統醫藥學院

Address: 2712 San Gabriel Boulevard, Rosemead, CA 91770  U.S.A.

Phone: 1-626-288-1199
Fax: 1-626-288-4199

To treat pre-disease, not to treat disease that already happened; to take preventive measures against possible trouble, not to take action against those already existing … It will be too late to treat diseases when they have already developed, or to deal with troubles when they have already become serious. This is just like digging a well when thirsty, or casting a weapon when battle has already begun.

-----The Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classic-----

Self Massage for Health Maintenance Class

Sponsor: America’s Institute of Traditional Medicine.
Mission Statement: To enhance trainee’s psychosomatic health level; to help them in pursuing good health; to strengthen the body; to improve his/her looks; to prevent disease; to prolong his/her life. We will accomplish these goals by introducing the basic knowledge and techniques of self massage.

Prerequisites of Enrollment:
1. Any one who would like to enhance his/her psychosomatic health level, protect his/her health, strengthen his/her body, improve his/her looks, prevent disease, and prolong his/her life.
2. Bedridden or weak persons who need self massage.
3. Amateurs at self massage.

1. Beginning from basic, easily comprehensible knowledge of western and eastern medicine, we will teach the trainee the techniques and the theories of self massage.
2. Such knowledge is also practical, and will certainly benefit one’s psychosomatic health. This program is starts with basic knowledge and ends with knowledge of the skills, allowing the trainee to really master the art of self massage.

Contents of Study:
1. Basics: Basic knowledge of western and eastern medicine related to self massage. Brief concepts of physiology, anatomy, and pathology of the human body are included (also includes commonly used acupressure points).
2. Application: Basic manipulation, methods, and formulae of self massage; specific techniques of self massage on all parts of the body are included.

Class hours: Basic class hours are six (6) hours; it may be adjusted depending on trainee’s levels and requests. Self massage for medical treatment class is available upon request.
Presenter: Kexin Bao, Ph.D., L.Ac., Promoter of the Journal of Sciences of Traditional Chinese Medicine.
Time of Lessons: Decided at time of registration.
Site of Lessons: 2712 San Gabriel Boulevard, Rosemead, CA 91770.
Distance Learning: Available, please contact
Registration Method: Register at site of lessons, telephone sign-ups are acceptable. Due to small size of the class, seats are limited, so please register soon.
Information phone: (626) 288-1199.
Fees: $20.00 for registration and materials; $120.00 ($20.00/ hour) for tuition.



授課地點︰ 2712 San Gabriel Blvd., Rosemead, CA 91770
遠程教育︰可行, 請用電子信箱聯絡。
報名電話︰ (626)288-1199

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