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Exactly what are transfer aspects?
Unlike common supplements you find in every natural food store, transfer aspects aren't herbs, minerals, or vitamins (compounds that include nutrients to your body). Instead, they're molecules that transfer immune memory and understanding from one entity to another, and belong to a ground-breaking approach to body immune system support.

How does 4Life Transfer Factor support the body immune system?
Transfer aspects are a few of the most special molecules in your body. They bring crucial messages to immune cells. Transfer elements help the immune system.

In 1998, 4Life ® Founders David and Bianca Lisonbee licensed the patent to extract transfer factors from cow colostrum. The introduction of 4Life Transfer Factor ® Classic unlocked to a brand-new classification of body immune system support products. 4Life's commitment to transfer factor research has progressively raised the standard for modern-day immune system supplementation.

What research study has been done on transfer factors?
In the decades because Dr. Lawrence's pioneering work on transfer scientists, factors and institutions have invested an estimated $40 million studying transfer factors and have actually released hundreds of scientific documents recording the methods in which they impact the body immune system.
An independent study reported that 4Life Transfer Factor ® Tri-Factor ® Formula and 4Life ® Transfer Factor Plus ® Tri-Factor ® Formula enhance natural killer cell activity by up to 283% and 437% respectively. * 1.

When were transfer aspects found?
In 1949, Dr. H. Sherwood Lawrence, a New York University immunologist, determined that an immune system action might be transferred from a donor to a recipient through a white blood cell extract. He concluded that these extracts contained an "element" capable of moving the donor's immunity details to the recipient. Dr. Lawrence subsequently created the term "transfer factor.”

    1. Recognize. Transfer factors help immune cells quickly determine invading threats.
    2. Respond. Transfer elements assist speed up the immune system's reaction to a possible threat after it's been recognized.
    3. Remember. Transfer aspects aid in remembering the particular makeup of the risks your body immune system encounters, so the next time it's experienced, your body knows exactly what it is and how to combat it. *.

What is NanoFactor ®?
NanoFactor is 4Life's exclusive extract of nano-filtered cow colostrums.


If I eat healthy foods, why do I need 4Life Transfer Factor?
Healthy foods offer your body with important nutrients that provide strength. Immune cells need this nutrition, but they likewise require education. 4Life Transfer Factor supplies details to assist immune cells understand ways to keep your body immune system performing at peak performance. *.

Chickens and cows live outside, exposing them to a range of bacteria, which their body immune systems should fight in order to stay healthy. Transfer aspects and nanofraction molecules can be safely moved to people, making cow colostrum and chicken egg yolk outstanding sources for body immune system assistance.

Does 4Life have patents for their transfer factor products?
Yes, The extraction procedure for transfer elements from chicken egg yolk is secured by U.S. Patent 6,468,534. Special combination techniques for transfer factors from cow colostrum and chicken egg yolk are safeguarded by U.S. Patent 6,866,868.

Where does 4Life Transfer Factor come from?
Nature has actually refined a way to assist keep its young healthy. A mother hands down important immune know-how (collected from her own experiences) in the very first crucial days of life. Mammals pass on this info through the mom's first milk, or colostrum, while other animals pass the information through egg yolk. Transfer elements and nanofraction particles are important parts of this education, functioning as nature's first supplements.

Exactly what is Tri-Factor ® Formula?
4Life Transfer Factor Tri-Factor Formula assists balance and support the immune system. * It contains ingredients made by the immune system, for the immune system.

How is 4Life Transfer Factor various from other products?
4Life Transfer Factor works with your body's immune system in a special method. * Looking beyond easy nutrition to supplying essential details is a profound paradigm shift, and just 4Life Transfer Factor products take advantage of this innovative method.

How can I share 4Life Transfer Factor items with other individuals?
4Life uses a company opportunity that's simply as gratifying as its ingenious items.

Exactly what is Transferceutical ® Science?
Transferceutical Science includes the research study and development of items that inform the immune system to recognize, react to, and remember prospective threats. 4Life Research ® pioneered Transferceutical Science and the items that use this innovation.

How can I discover more about 4Life Transfer Factor?
Check out 4life. com to find benefits, reviews, and a method to acquire 4Life Transfer Factor products. You might also talk to the individual who referred you to 4Life to get more information.

How can 4Life Transfer Factor assistance healthy energy levels?
4Life Transfer Factor supports healthy energy levels by promoting the efficiency of your immune system. * When your body immune system is working as it should, you have plenty of energy to do the important things you like. Plus, the more energy you have, the much faster your body responds to new dangers.

4Life's commitment to transfer factor research study has actually gradually raised the requirement for modern-day immune system supplementation.

Transfer elements provide a hand in remembering the particular makeup of the hazards your immune system encounters, so the next time it's experienced, your body knows precisely what it is and how to combat it. 4Life Transfer Factor works with your body's immune system in an unique method. 4Life Transfer Factor supports healthy energy levels by promoting the efficiency of your immune system. 4Life Transfer Factor supplies information to assist immune cells understands how to keep your immune system running at peak performance.


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