One Component of a Trio of Products (Morning Power, Noon Light, Night Fresh)

Night Fresh

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The scientists designed NightFresh to help cleanse your intestines to remove toxins and undigested waste products.

NightFresh is a part of a trio of products (Morning Power, Noon Light, Night Fresh) that synergistically work together to help keep us fit and assist in weight loss.

It can be difficult to obtain a high fiber diet, especially on a daily basis, without solid continuous dietary discipline which most people are not willing to practice.  Realistically, the daily diet of most people consists of processed food lacking fiber.  In response to this dietary issue, the scientists at FKC developed the natural supplement NightFresh.

Along with adequate fluid intake, NightFresh targets the unblocking and cleansing of your colon.  The carefully blended natural ingredients in NightFresh work together as one system for cleansing, bulk building, and promotion of bowel movements.  These natural ingredients include fibers from psyllium seed husks and grapefruit fiber. Antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, and anti-toxins, like Curcumin and chamomile, are other active components of NightFresh, synergistically combined together in one capsule for easy consumption in the evening after the last main meal of the day.

Night Fresh was designed to:


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