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Scientists designed the supplement Regenesis to help rebuild your digestive system’s probiotic population, which helps digestion and helps rebuild your immunity. Each capsule of Regenesis contains billions of healthy probiotic micro-organisms, naturally found in the digestive system, all concentrated in one dose of the most health-promoting probiotics available.

Often people eat yogurt products in an attempt to improve stomach flora after a course of antibiotics or to improve immunity when suffering from infection. However, it would take roughly 24 servings of the average yogurt to equal the probiotics bacteria in one Regenesis capsule!

Like most people, you probably don’t think about what living organisms reside permanently in your body, especially your digestive system. However, the skin, mouth, stomach, small and large intestines (colon), and the vagina in women, contain a massive army of microbial troops that either promote the health of your body or are the potential cause of illness. This army is so large that it outnumbers all the living cells in your body. All these microbial populations are collectively known as the natural human “flora”.

The floral populations are always changing as different microbial colonies survive, grow and multiply, or die. This natural flora contains beneficial microbes as well as harmful ones both struggling for dominance. The health-promoting microbes are known as “Probiotics”. The disease promoting microbes and parasites are known as “Pathogens”. The ratio between the probiotics and pathogenic populations is the key to balanced health. In general, the more probiotics an individual carries, the healthier the individual. When pathogens multiply faster than the existing probiotics and outnumber the healthy flora, you begin to experience the symptoms such as increased allergies, yeast infections, constipation, diarrhea, weakened resistance to infection, etc.

This is where probiotics supplements can make the difference between health and illness. Health can potentially be significantly enhanced with a high dose of probiotics treatment on a sustained basis. Continuous treatment with probiotics is essential because of the massive number of pathogenic microbes that may have already multiplied over the years, the use of antibiotics, and daily exposure to newly introduced pathogens through food and water contaminants, dietary choices, and environmental pollutants.

Regenesis was designed to:


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