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Noon Light

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NoonLight was developed by the scientists at FKC primarily to aid in the proper digestion of your biggest meal of the day - lunch. NoonLight helps to target your digestion by working on all the main macro-nutrients, fats, sugars, and proteins. Noon Light has the capacity to block fat synthesis, block starch break down and increase protein digestion. All three of these activities lead to weight control, increase in energy, improved metabolism and improved health.

NoonLight is recommended to be taken within half an hour before a meal to prepare the body for maximal effects of digestive ingredients. NoonLight components include HydroxyCitric Acid (HCA) for blocking fat synthesis in cells, Phaseolamin for blocking starch digestion into sugar, Bromelain for improving protein digestion, and Vanadium for enhancing sugar metabolism.

Over 1 billion people are overweight and 300 million are obese. In the USA, over 65% of American adults are overweight or obese! Numerous degenerative diseases result from gaining excessive weight. The rate of diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and cancer are increasing rapidly everywhere there is obesity.  FKC scientists believe a gentle gradual approach to weight control is the best approach for results.


  • Promotes selective digestion by blocking fat and sugar build up and increasing protein digestion.
  • Promotes blocking of excess fat manufacturing in cells with HCA from a plant-source.
  • Blocks digestion of starch with Phaseolamin to decrease the quantity of sugar absorbed into the blood.
  • Increases protein digestion with Bromelain plant-based enzymes.
  • Improve sugar metabolism with Vanadium trace mineral.


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