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JointAgain includes a high level of glucosamine to ensure optimum tissue building response.  Research suggests glucosamine must be supplemented in a relatively high dose to be effective at rebuilding damaged joint tissue. ?/span>Boswella, a nature herb and ingredient in JointAgain, is a strong suppressor of inflammatory diseases, shown to be effective in treatment of joint and arthritic conditions.  Curcumin, an active ingredient from the Indian spice Turmeric, is a powerful polyphenol antioxidant, anti-infection, and anti-inflammatory herb also proven to be effective in improving joint conditions.  Finally, Vitamin C, chemically known as ascorbic acid, is an essential antioxidant nutrient and has a well known structural role in building collagen fibers in joints as well as promoting anti-infection and anti-inflammation.

Another advantage of a natural approach to healing is that, unlike conventional drugs, natural formulations can be used longer and with greater frequency than conventional drug therapies due to the nontoxic nature of their ingredients. This means that unlike cycles of conventional drug therapies that create side effects and allow short term use due to possible toxicity, FKC products can be used more safely until you regain your health. FKC products are often used proactively to maintain healthy joints.

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