Gong Du Qing (Uterus Detoxification)

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Gong Du Qing has a long history and has noticeable effect. Thus, it’s called “Golden Pill on the Palm” by our ancestors. Gong Du Qing has a “miracle effect” on many gynecological illnesses. On the basis of the clinical experiments done by the ancestors, Hong Kong Jin Ren Tang has done researches on Gong Du Qing and has modified it into today’s Gong Du Qing, which is for external use. This ancient prescription has thus been carried forward.


Gong Du Qing uses high quality herbal medicines, and is produced using modern and high-tech method. Its primary ingredients include croton cream, monkshood, pericarpium zanthoxyli, calyx melo, liquorice, tender scallion stalk, etc.


Gong Du Qing is used on the vagina. Clean the private part before go to bed. Then, insert the medicine bag deep down inside the vagina. (The bag is made of gauze which has passed the B.P. inspection). Use one bag each time and remove it 3-5 days later. The length of each treatment session is one week. Healthy people, who use is for health care purpose, only have to use it once. People who have vagina diseases may continue using this product for two to three treatment sessions.


Gong Du Qing is mainly used in treating infertility (on those who have no functional defect.) It has heat clearing and detoxicating effect, and can prevent degeneration and promote flesh generation. It can also induce diuresis, stop itchiness, regulate menstruation and promote blood circulation. It is used when the abdomen swells, or when there is leucorrhea or the vagina is itchy and smelly. Gong Du Qing is effective in preventing rotten uterus, cervical cancer, etc.


On the second day after using Gong Du Qing, the body will discharge concentrated water. Some people might also feel uncomfortable. However, it’s normal. On the third and fourth day, the body will discharge dead flesh or toxins which shall be cleaned within a month depending on the individual’s physique.


Gong Du Qing is used on vagina and is not edible. Pregnant women should not use this product, and women who have weak physique or are having menstruation should use this product carefully.


Gong Du Qing should be stored in cool area. Its validity is two years.


Gong Du Qing is made as wax-wrapped pills, and is packaged in a fine paper box.

Each bag weighs 4 grams.

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