A Powerful Combination of the Natural Supplements Morning Power, Noon Light & Night Fresh

Fitness Trio

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Scientists developed a Fitness Trio, a powerful combination of the natural supplements Morning Power, Noon Light & Night Fresh, as a gentle and healthy way to address effective, quality weight loss.  The Fitness Trio was designed for the body’s daily needs and activities.  It is composed of breakfast, lunch and dinner capsules.

The breakfast capsule, called Morning Power, is to be taken just before breakfast.  It was designed to provide the energy and the nutrients needed to get your day started.  In addition it contains natural calming ingredients for a greater sense of “wellbeing”.

Then the lunch capsule, called Noon Light, is to be taken 30 minutes before lunch.  Its natural ingredients were combined to block fats, aid digestion and metabolism.  One of the natural active ingredients, Hydroxy Citric Acid (HCA), is know to help block fat synthesis in cells.  Phaseolamin helps block starch digestion into sugar.  Bromelain has shown to improve digestion.  Finally, Vanadium enhances sugar metabolism.

Finally, Night Fresh, to be taken after dinner, was designed to help cleanse your intestines and remove toxins and undigested waste products in your body. The grapefruit fiber in Night Fresh acts as a natural laxative in combination with curcumin, which is an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. Chamomile is an intestine relaxant that helps soften feces and facilitate the disposal of biological wastes.

The Fitness Trio is a natural ingredient formula designed to help loose weight gradually while also providing nutrients and energy to rejuvenate the body.


Our health products include Anti-Aging & Detoxification, Cardio, Stomach and Digestion, Musculo Skeletal, Relaxation and Sleep, Weight Control, and Children Essential Nutrients. Please go to https://www.fkcn.com/2142293 to learn more or order the related package (kit) of the products under the HEALTH SYSTEMS section.  If you would like to review and order the products individually, you may go to the PRODUCTS section.


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