Patient: A female, 40 years old

Case History: She had been suffering from irritable bowel syndrome for about five years. The main symptoms were feeling bloated with distended pain in the abdominal area, poor appetite/ loose stool, tired and angry easily. The symptoms got worse before the menstruation and her sleep had been disturbed other symptoms were delayed period with irregularity and heavy feeling in legs.

Examination: The tongue was slightly pale with white greasy coating; the pulse was deep, taut and forceless.

Syndrome: Spleen Qi deficiency with dampness retention and Liver Qi stagnation.

.      For stagnation of the liver Qi are emotional factors. There is more obvious in the modern western countries. The stagnated liver Qi fails to regulate the circulation and distribution of Qi and blood and the following diseases will be caused; irregular menstruation, dysmenorrhoea, infertility or even various lumps such as cyst, myoma or carcinoma.

       The general clinical manifestations of liver Qi stagnation are: distension or pain in the chest or hypochondrium, depressed or sadness, particularly apparent before menstruation, often accompanied by poor appetite, basically normal tongue picture, and taut pulse.

Spleen and stomach.
The stomach is responsible for intake and digestion of food and the spleen dominates the transformation of food into food-essence. Both the stomach and spleen act as the source of Qi and blood. In gynaecology, the dysfunction of spleen and stomach is mainly characterised by deficiency.

Insufficiency of blood due to deficiency of the spleen and stomach.
Over thinking or improper diet can lead to deficiency of the spleen and stomach which may influence the normal production of Qi and blood. When the insufficiency of blood fails to provide the required substances for menstruation and pregnancy, there will be delayed menstruation, amenorrhoea or infertility.

Deficient spleen failing to control blood.
If the spleen is deficient and fails to control blood within the meridians, then there will be prolonged menstruation, irregular vaginal bleeding or miscarriage.

Dampness retention due to the spleen deficiency.
Dampness retention is caused if the spleen fails to transport water. The downward flow of dampness can cause leukorrhagia, menstrual diarrhoea or menstrual oedema.
If dampness obstructs the chong and conception meridians, amenorrhoea, infertility or tumours will occur.
Clinical manifestation: heavy sensation or weighty pain, stuffy chest and abdomen, loose stool. Poor appetite, itching or blistering on skin, turbid urine, greasy coating of tongue slippery

The general clinical manifestations of the deficiency of the spleen and stomach are:
bad complexion, dizziness, fatigue, poor appetite or nausea. The tongue is pale and tender with white thin coating and pulse is weak.

The normal generation and restraint relationships among the five elements embody the mechanisms of self- regulation and self-control existing within various things in the whole.
If the normal generation and restraint relationships are changed due to various causes, then there will be abnormal restraint among the five elements, which is mainly expressed in two ways. One is “over-restraint”, namely to restrain too much. The other is “counter-restraint”, namely to be restrained reversely. The abnormal restraint relationship reflects that things lose their proper ability of self-regulation and self-control. Here in this case, liver is a wood and because of liver Qi stagnation caused over-restraint to the earth which is spleen. Owing to the spleen Qi deficient, then dampness retention is followed due to spleen fails to transport water.

Treatment principle:
tonifying the spleen Qi and eliminating dampness and soothing the liver Qi.
Acupoints:  BL18  BL20  PC6  GV20  ST36  SP9  LR3  CV6  CV12

Technique Used:
PC6 GV20 SP9 CV12 : EVEN

Ear points:
spleen , stomach, liver, sanjiao, shenmen.

1.  Xiao  yao san. Tang Kuei and Bupleurum formula C24, 4TABLETS B.D.
2. Liu Jun Zi Tang, Major six Herbs Formula. C27 4tablets B.D

Results: after taking 3 doses of herbs and undergoing 6 treatments of acupuncture, diarrhoea and irregular period had been relieved. After 6 doses of the above recipe and 12 treatments of acupuncture the patient has fully been cured. Thanks to the Chinese traditional medicine for helping in this way.

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